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Custom-made kitchen furniture in Warsaw from W.KITCHENS is appreciated for its well-thought-out, unique, non-standard, perfect and complete designs. All elements of a modern kitchen harmonize perfectly with each other, and the meticulously refined details prove the perfect forms combination so that the entire space is properly used.
W.KITCHENS kitchen furniture is distinguished by traditional carpentry.
The furniture is designed with passion and extensive world experience in line with the most popular trends.


Modern kitchen furniture by W.KITCHENS is valued for its design and aesthetics. Modern W.KITCHENS kitchens stand out on the Polish market. The brand’s creators highly value the quality of workmanship of all elements and unique ideas for modern interiors.
They are designed to ensure the best use of space. At the same time, modern custom-designed kitchens are adapted not only to the style of other rooms, but above all to the specific needs of the residents. When designing a modern kitchen, it is worth treating hospitality as one of the most important goals.
Modern kitchen arrangements should be tailored to the user’s needs. Modern kitchens definitely look into the future. Using a modern-style kitchen allows us to fully use the potential of all available equipment and technological solutions.


Custom-made kitchen furniture is the best solution for those who value an individual approach and attention to their needs. Maximum use of available space, personalized furniture arrangement and adaptation of their parameters to the residents needs guarantee the best work ergonomics and ensure that everything has its place in the W.KITCHENS furniture. That’s why when creating custom-made kitchens, we put not only a lot of work into it, but also our hearts. This extraordinary commitment translates into subsequent contentment and satisfaction from a job well done.
Custom-made kitchen furniture also allows you to hide kitchen appliances in the built-in furniture, use modern, mobile solutions and their remote control, and incorporate unique accents that emphasize the uniqueness of our interior.
Contemporary kitchens is intended to bring people together. In the kitchen room, furniture serves a number of functional functions, as well as a place for entertaining. Ready-made furniture and cheap kitchens certainly do not have this functionality. Modern kitchen furniture is made-to-measure kitchen furniture. Creating a modern-style kitchen based on custom-made furniture is the best way to make the most of the available space. Modern custom-made kitchens can be tailored to specific conditions and preferences of household members.

Stylish kitchens – amazing custom furniture

Modern W.KITCHENS kitchens are designed with passion and rich global experience and in line with the most popular trends.


W.KITCHENS kitchens are a pleasure to stay in a stylish interior and at the same time satisfied with the extraordinary functionality they feature. A modern kitchen combined with intelligent home appliances certainly makes life easier and makes performing basic household activities a pleasure.

Custom-made kitchen furniture and their individual arrangements should be tailored to your own preferences. When planning a kitchen, let’s listen to our inner voice, which will reveal all our desires regarding the arrangement, motifs and equipment that will accompany us in our future daily home routine. Stylish, loft, glamorous, Scandinavian and other kitchen styles also depend on the size of the room we have and the desired furniture arrangement. It is also important whether the kitchen is to be a separate, closed room or whether we choose an option open to the living room, using an island or a peninsula. There are many possibilities, so it is worth taking them all into account so that the final result meets all our expectations.

Modern, stylish custom-made kitchens straight from our showroom in Warsaw are a combination of unique beauty and extraordinary functionality, which makes everyday activities a pleasure. Modern and stylish kitchens also feature the best materials and quality of workmanship comparable to art, characterized by attention to every, even the smallest, detail. Unusual solutions and incredible quality workmanship make every W.KITCHENS kitchen delightful.
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